Drive change Be the change_1200

For Individuals

Drive change you wish in your life

  • gain clarity and get unstuck
  • release self-sabotaging behaviors and inner blocks
  • make difficult decisions with confidence
  • take action with purpose and meaning
  • get things done with ease
  • ease symptoms of stress, anxiety, low mood
  • quit busyness and restore balance
  • increase satisfaction in relationships and at work
  • catalyze positive change for your family and work environment


  • facilitating difficult conversations
  • resolving conflicts
  • releasing systemic root causes of family conflicts or problems

For Couples & Families

Create more peace and ease

For NVC practitioners

Learn needs-based communication

NVC training

  • theory and practice of NVC principles 
  • practicing NVC principles on own examples

NVC action learning

  • facilitation of difficult conversations
  • mediation of conflicts

NVC mentoring

  • support for NVC certification candidates
  • needs-based approach for coaches and facilitators

Monica Panas, PCC

• ICF Professional Certified Coach
• CNVC Certified Trainer
• Author • Educator • Former Senior Corporate Leader
• Expert in Compassion-Based Leadership
and Emotional Wellness at Work and in Life • Connection facilitator • Catalyst for change




SESSION with Monica

I help clients drive desired change in life and at work despite their well-known pressures.
As a former senior corporate leader and coworker, parent, spouse, and business owner I have understanding for the stresses involved with juggling multiple priorities and roles. My non-judgmental guidance and evidence-based techniques help you learn new skills to release self-sabotaging patterns, get unstuck, ease symptoms of stress, and increase satisfaction in relationships and at work. I accompany you to drive desired change with ease while enabling you to feel seen, heard, and respected for exactly who you are. I guide you to release old patterns that bring stress and drain energy as well as to build new habits that create lasting change. I also facilitate greater clarity and purposeful actions that lead you not only towards your goals but also inner peace and joy. And if you seek guidance on how to communicate effectively and create more connection and mutual understanding in your relationships, I put on my NVC trainer hat and provide you with NVC tools that make a difference.
If you value authenticity and integrity you can count on me in this work :-)